A better way to manage
your tokens

An institutional-grade wallet to manage your digital assets

Jwallet web app
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Anywhere, anytime

The Jwallet is mobile friendly, so you can access your tokens everywhere you go. The web-version works on desktop and mobile browsers.

The power of privacy

All user data, including imported or generated private keys are stored locally, meaning your private keys, remain just that… private.

Made by geeks

We’ve done the complicated stuff so you won’t have to. The Jwallet introduces new features to Ethereum, like a standard URI scheme and QR code generator.

Stocked and Loaded

The Jwallet is preconfigured to be compatible with the most popular ERC-20 tokens, straight out of the box, no configuration necessary

Bring Your Own Token (BYOT)

Want to add a token that isn't listed or public yet? You can easily add your own, using the import token feature

Private Keys Always Stay Private

With the Jwallet, all sensitive data never leaves your device. Your private keys are never shared with anyone, including us!

Banking-grade Tracking Tools

See your transaction history, total value summaries and other traditional banking features you've gotten used to

Multi-device support

The web version of the Jwallet works across devices, with native iOS and Android versions

The Next Generation of Token Wallets has Arrived

Manage all your digital assets easily and securely